Cardinal Blessings

 Cardinal Blessings

 Seated by a window, overlooking my garden –   I am attempting to read my daily devotional and Bible (this practice ‘grounds’ me, before the demands of the day begin)!  A sudden movement beneath a bird feeder catches my attention. Then another!  I look up and see a beautiful Cardinal ‘couple’, busy feeding on seed beneath my window.  Amazingly, they are not startled by my movement – (they are such shy birds and the slightest motion usually sends them flying to ‘safety’ in a hurry).  Fascinated by their sheer beauty, I continue to watch them rather than focus on Your Word!   I sincerely thank you, for a wonderful beginning to my day.  You know how much I love watching birds in my garden. 

 My attention gets drawn to an inner ‘voice’ – the voice I recognize as being Your Holy Spirit!  Dutifully, I respond and return to my meditations, all the while still listening to Your promptings and ‘hear’, that this moment needs to be set down on paper; needs to be ‘held on to’ for  moments when I have to be reminded of things that are not of You; that cause me to turn from Your Word!  You lovingly draw me back while still presenting me with Your magnificent creatures outside my window – but now I really am, once again focused on You!

 As if rewarding me for my obedience, the Cardinals continue their busy feeding schedule, seemingly oblivious to my presence on the other side of the glass, and for this I thank You, Father, they bring such joy into my heart and soul.  Obedience brings such blessings and yet, we often dismiss doing what is right, in favor of doing what we want.

 Isaiah 48: 17 (GNB)

I am the Lord your God,

Who teaches you what is best for you,

Who directs you in the way you should go. 

 Prayer: Father, Forgive us for the many moments that we allow our attention to be preoccupied with things not of You, even though we know that our focus should be on You alone. Thank you, for the tender ways that You call us back and love us, despite our errant ways.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

 Patricia Day


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