In the not too distant past (actually just a couple of years ago), my husband had to have triple-bypass (heart) surgery. It was completely unexpected but showed us God’s grace and provision, in times of trouble.

‘Jim is stable’ and has been moved to a room! These words provided much needed relief to me, to friends and to family. I moved from stunned (numb, panicked), to being completely at peace and trusting that everything really would be alright. What had caused that change?

– I gave everything to God

– I was given a deep peace within – totally beyond my understanding, because what I really ‘wanted’ to do was panic! But deep within me was an assurance everything would work out for our good.

I know now that it was our awesome God at work!

The crisis began just a few weeks earlier: we were in the ‘recovery’ room, after Jim had undergone a routine angiogram, where he was now being told that he had to have emergency surgery – he would not be coming home with me – *he would not be able to work for 6 – 8 weeks*. In disbelief, (we each used selective hearing at this point) and each thought, “ust be talking about somebody else” (talk about denial), after all, for goodness sake Jim was barely able to take a couple of days from work without our income being compromised – didn’t they realize that? If the floor had opened up and taken us into some unknown depths, we could not have been more stunned and meantime, poor Jim was looking apologetic and arguing with the surgeon, trying to make him understand ‘he couldn’t take time off work’!

In answer to his denial, the cardiologist said, clear and plain – ‘without it, we could possibly give you, ‘let me see’ perhaps a couple of days, maybe longer but certainly not very long – bi-pass surgery is your only hope’you have blockages and there is also leakage into your heart. Once again, he was talking to somebody else – wasn’t he? Good gracious, this cannot possibly be happening to us.

But he was, and it was! Later, as I left leave Jim to return home and share the news with our children, friends and church family, I realized that what had begun as a very ordinary day, had become a day of crisis. I recall being absolutely, ‘dead on my feet’ exhausted – unable to sleep but I felt at peace and was resting, if not physically, certainly spiritually.

I told everyone I could contact about Jim’s upcoming surgery. Urging them to pray for his recovery and the strength of God to sustain us. Their support poured in, by email, telephone calls, visits and rides to and from the hospital. They all sustained us in our time of need and gave immense reassurance to Jim – so he had no need to worry further, just concentrate on recovery.

This was God at work.

Each day, I would print the emails and take them to the hospital so Jim could benefit from the love and support of friends and family. He certainly needed it more than me.

This was also God at work.

I was reminded that, in sharing our troubles with others, we were blessing them with an opportunity to help – and help they certainly did.

This was truly God at work.

I have always been a very private person and have a tendency to isolate myself in times of trouble however, it is as if with their support I had been standing on the rooftops shouting, ‘Hey everyone, my Jim is in hospital; he has to have triple-bypass surgery, PLEASE pray for him and his complete recovery and comfort’! In so doing, I also benefited from their love and support, and God’s comfort!

Christmas came and went and you know what? It was a beautiful Christmas. Jim was home and recovering well: our children and their families visited and shared meals with us, (Amen, for potluck meals). We were helped financially; friends supported us with gifts of many kinds; our church family helped us spiritually, and tangibly with many gifts of money, food, love and prayers! Anonymous gifts appeared in our mail folder at church.

How very blessed we were and still are. This is God at work!

We are now way beyond that episode and have survived that storm of unexpected hospitalization and major surgery, our lives have returned to being as normal, as normal can be.

The bible exhorts us to ‘Trust in the Lord, with all our heart, mind, body and strength’ and to call upon Him in our times of trouble and He will provide for all our needs!

Well, we did, and we can affirm that prayer and releasing all our concerns to Him, and then trusting Him to provide *really does work*. How else could we have survived the shock, the pain, the loss, the stress?

God IS good, and He IS an ever present comfort in our hearts. God was very definitely at work here, there is no other explanation.

We thanked Him then, and continue to do so every day for all that we have and are, and praise Him and give Him the glory for the miracles that happened and continue to happen.

Patricia Day

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