Faith & Perseverance

Watching a squirrels’ determined efforts to attack a suet block in our back garden – and admiring its’ relentless perseverance (stretched upside down from a small branch of a tree in order to retrieve a few morsels from the bird treat) – I recognize it does not need to be reminded to eat, it follows its’ inner craving, then just meets that need.  I realize that I don’t as diligently feed my spirit as I feed my body, I am not as focussed in my faith as that squirrel is in feeding itself. 

Oh, I don’t see myself hanging upside-down while ‘feeding’ on the good news of the bible, but I ask myself – do I grasp every opportunity to take the nourishing words of the bible and bless others?  I think not!  That squirrel knows instinctively it needs food to survive and grabs it wherever and whenever it can, with undistracted determination.  Whereas, I know I need to feed my spirit just as much, I need to keep focused and persevere,  so I can receive the nourishment and blessing of God’s word (the bible), not from a feeder hanging from a tree, but from the spiritual refreshment found in the bible, I also know I don’t always pay attention to that inner need. 

That being the case, I need to pray, that I ‘hang on’ to every word in my bible, and become willing to receive all that it can deliver. 

Prayer:  Abba, we need to be determined and ‘hang-on’ to Your every word (in the bible),  persevering no matter what in order to benefit from all that You can bless us with.  Thank you for all that you do, for all you have done and for everything that you plan to do for us in the future.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Note:  If you have a specific need and are not sure how to pray – please feel free to share that need in my comment box so that others know how they can pray for you.  More prayer is better than none at all!


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