Easy to Say!

Have you noticed, how easy it is to give advice to others, while overlooking what you yourself might need guidance on?

Recommending a change of direction or lifestyle is easy to voice, it often is not so easy to do- for many reasons depending of who you are and what you are dealing with.

The world sadly, has many folk who make unrealistic and cruel demands on others; they are ensuring their own rewards and needs while completely ignoring the difficulties and restrictions they impose upon others. 

A saving-grace in complex situations, (if you believe in God) is to remember that you have a ‘safe place to go’.  God lives in the hearts of all believers and no-one can take Him away from us.  Life can be full of regulations and controls that burden us, even cause us to consider ‘giving-up’, but at those times, God’s people can seek the quiet of a God-filled heart; can forgive cruelties placed upon them, can pray for and receive a strength that is beyond the understanding of non-believers (in fact they will often ridicule our dependence upon a God that cannot be seen); we however, trust in His provision of peace, strength and comfort and seek His wise and kind counsel, whenever we are perplexed or troubled by life and humankind.

Psalm 71:1 – I run to You, Lord, for protection.  Don’t disappoint me. (CEV)

Prayer:  Father God, let us always remember who is truly in charge of our lives.  We can be overwhelmed by the control that others have on our lives: help us to focus on You and trust in Your provision for our well-being, our inner peace and ever-growing faith.  Amen

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