Taking a Plunge!

I tend to distrust my abilities – and writing is a new-ish venture for me. 

A friend recently suggested that I send an sample of my devotionals to a particular Christian website, and to the attention of a particular person, inquiring if they are accepting new writers – after all, looking at and reading the website, I see VERY recognizable big-name authors posting their devotionals (I’m not that good);  EEK, and here I am asking about acceptance of my work!  Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained – so yesterday, I gritted my teeth and did it, not expecting too much response in return!  However, within a few hours I heard back from the Pastor and ‘yes’ my devotionals were liked!  In addition to that good news, they had been considering adding a new writer!  (Oh really? – OK, cynical cut it out).  Golly Gosh! 

They do however, prefer submissions twice a week and to date, Miss Tardy here, has been very relaxed in effort and has been writing perhaps four a month (at a push) – that would definitely have to change.

The neat thing is that I’ve started getting feedback on some of them and I find that exciting – makes me feel as I would if I’d won a huge jackpot!  So, perhaps I will ask if I can be that new writer, (perhaps it’s Gods’ way of giving me a prod and saying, ‘I want you to do more of this) – my friend had mentioned she thought it was a God-thing, when she was ‘burdened’ to encourage me to apply; so, here goes, wish me luck (prayer would actually be better) cos’, I’m about to jump in and try ‘new water’!  Hope it’s not too cold!  Hope the waves don’t get too big!  Hope there are no sharks in there!  OH, for goodness sake!  Stoppit, and just ‘get on with it’.  Ok, here goes………………………………………..splash 🙂 🙂

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One thought on “Taking a Plunge!

  1. Dear Pat,
    You blog has so much to offer others and I for one encourage you to go with it. The words you expressed on your card for my sister whom passed away recently touched my family’s heart and they are going to use it for part of their “Celebration of Life”. I thank you for taking the time to be so thoughtful and creative.
    Sisters in Christ,

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