Ask HIM!

A bible-study I’m participating in supports the power of keeping a journal – (recording your thoughts and prayers and noting responses to prayer).  It’s an interesting study and it brought to mind, that over the years I have seen many answers to my prayers (I can recall them now because I highlighted them in my notebooks or journals).  There have been some pretty amazing answers, and some pretty amazing words have been ‘given‘ to me while I have spent time in God’s ‘presence’.  I have been given short responses, long responses and poems, as well as timely and astonishing ideas that were definitely not ‘of me’.

I plan on sharing them, as time goes by:  no point making note of them and then keeping them to myself, I think God always intends us to pay special attention to what He tells us, and is then hopeful that we will share His comfort and messages with others, as we can.  So here goes!

Some years back , I was envisaging being with Jesus: in my mind’s eye I put myself beside Him at the well and asked, “What do you want to say to me, regarding the things I am learning?” (still a relevant question today and in fact was one we were asked through the study I am doing, which in turn drew me back to my old journals) – mmmm – in writing this I am thinking “was this a God-thing?”

His reponse came quickly to my question at the well:


As the earth is whole, My love is!

As the waters flow, I AM TRUE.

Speak your heart to Me, I will meet you.

Let Me live in you!


It still gives me reassurance and comfort – still gives me a sense of awe and I am presently drawn to a bible passage

John 4:26 – “I who speak to you am HE“.

In Christ,

If you need a website that will give you access to help with the bible – check out:

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