Matthew 18:3 (CEV) –  Then he said: I promise you this. If you don’t change and become like a child, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven.

We had chickadees nesting at the side of our home, making use of a nesting box in a small stand of evergreens, protected from predatory attack and shaded from the elements.  It was delightful to hear and watch their ‘comings and goings’ – then the day came when one was bringing food to the other and I greatly anticipated the day when ‘little ones’ could (possibly) be heard and then seen.  However, sad to say – it seems they’ve ‘flown the coop’, because there seems to be no activity now – my sadness causes me to think that perhaps one of them died, I really have no idea because I cannot go near or touch the nest, just in case it is still in use.  Seems I might have to forego the joy of watching little ones emerge and mature. 

 God must be so sad when His ‘little ones’ (new Christians) fail in their growth and maturity.  In great anticipation and joy, He must watch us come into His ‘nest’ through salvation, eager to feed upon His word, only to have us fail to grow.  Perhaps, we choose to return to a lifestyle that excludes Him, or one that permits us to ‘think’ we are on the right track, only to move further and further away from Him, until one day we’re gone!  It is not that He no longer hears us, nor sees us, or no longer wants fellowship with us; it is we who have chosen to ignore His presence in our lives thereby, blocking out His influence upon all we think, say or do – He might as well have died, for all the notice we take of Him. He is after all, a God of love and He wants to be needed in our lives – all He asks is that we need Him too.  How sad He must feel to watch us with that great anticipation, hoping to see us grow and become His chosen ones, only to lose us to a life without Him.

Mark 10:15(CEV) – 15I promise you that you cannot get into God’s kingdom, unless you accept it the way a child does.”

In a world full of loss, suffering and evil, it can be challenging to stay focused and loyal to an unseen God even if we lose out on discovering the changes that He can make in our lives; just as much as it is challenging to stay away from a nesting-box to try to discover what has happened and trust all is well; all we can do is trust in a child-like manner, be willing to learn and to hope for better things to come. 

Prayer:  Father God, we ask and pray that we always have the strength and commitment needed to stay close to You; to choose to always stay in the shadow of Your wings and Your protection.  In Jesus mighty name, Amen

Patricia Day

Innisfil, Ontario

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