Help Us!

So – Vancouver lost the game and riots ensued!  What a sad end to the excitement and anticipation!  People hurt and property damaged, all caused by the extreme actions of a few! 

Imagine living in a country where riots, persecution of good people and property damage are rampant, on a daily basis.  A friend of ours has family in Egypt – the troubles that were shared through media channels some time ago – have not ended in fact, in many aspects they have further-deteriorated and yet nothing is being reported on the news: it’s a if peace now reigns there!  

Here’s an excerpt from a recent message from her:

I would ask everyone to continue to pray for the Christians in Egypt.  So far 17 churches has been burned down since the revolution. When neighbors phone the fire department to report that a church is being set on fire they show up after 2 hours but by that time the church is burned to the ground. The new sect of Islam that I have not heard of before the revolution, is vowing to burn every church in Egypt. They are getting a lot of financial help (in the millions) from Saudi Arabia.

Please continue praying for my family, particularly in the next few weeks, I thank you. They have lost millions of dollars in this unsettled time. They have a large business in Cairo and they have a big project to do but their equipment has been stolen. They have lost every thing even their home, in order to replace the material that has been stolen and they now live in a rented 2-bedroom apartment. The job has to be completed as of July 3. The stealing is still going strong and there is nothing left to sell. Please pray for God’s protection, strength and hope to keep on going until they finish this job. Please to pray for them. (family references removed).

Consider also, other persecuted souls on this earth: The persecuted call for relief from their tormentors.  They feel abandoned and rejected!

a) children being abused by family members

b) children and youth being abducted by and for the sex trade

c) children being used for monetary gain, in ‘sweat shops’ around the world; supplying manufacturers world-wide with low-priced products

d) Christians being tortured and demoralized in countries that do not acknowledge Christian faith, love and respect

e) the poor of the world, being oppressed by ruthless, greedy governments

f) God’s people – good people – are crying and hurting around the world – pray for them without ceasing.

Ask – intercede – on their behalf, for a ‘hedge of protection’ around each one, around their homes, families and businesses.

Matthew 7:7-8  Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.


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