Choosing the Right Path in Life!

We’ve had great fun recently, watching the antics of a baby red squirrel in our garden.  The trees provide it with a wonderful obstacle course, sharpening its’ balancing skills and honing (not that they seem to need much) jumping abilities.  Watching it explore the trees is fascinating; it checks out all the branches, finding new routes through the small grove leading to its ‘home’.  Sometimes, the route it takes leads nowhere, at those times it retraces its ‘steps’ and tries another way: still other routes take it to dangerous branches that lead it to nowhere safe; yet it  persists in its exploration until it gets it right.

I liken this to the steps some of us have taken, or continue to take in our daily lives; without the guidance of God and the wisdom of the Bible, we try this way and that, seeking the right path in life that will give us fulfilment, only to be disappointed when we realize we have made the wrong choice, and we have to begin all over again (often again and again and again).   Sometimes the way is difficult; sometimes it takes us into areas that compromise our values and beliefs, while still others challenge us to try new endeavours until we succeed.  We are not perfect beings and we will be wrong at times, the important thing is to NOT give up!  Pick yourself up and start again!  Persistence pays off!

I pray that today, you find the right path in your life, and I pray you will at least, be willing to be willing to want to know more of God and His gifts of peace, comfort, hope, safety and love.

Don’t know what the next step is? It’s easier than you might think.  Earnestly (really mean it) say this little prayer.

 Jesus, I want to know you better.  Come into my heart and soul; forgive me my wrongs and grant me an eternal life with you and all of those who already belong to your family.

The next step is to find a church ‘family’ that you feel comfortable in, and join a bible study – as a start.  Get yourself a bible – Contemporary English Version, or The Message,  is written in easy to understand present-day language, and either will give you a better understanding of the life-changing cotents within its pages.

Send me a prayer request, if you wish and I will pray for your persistent and determined “walk”.

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