Clean-up Time!

We have two really large poplar trees in our backyard – apparently they are twenty-five years old – they are not particularly attractive trees, as they are constantly pruning themselves, shedding boughs, twigs and leaves with the slightest breeze.  Messy trees, I call them – because they cause a lot of (clean-up) work. Today the wind (it is so strong, I can hardly call it a summer breeze) is rushing through the leaves, shaking them and dislodging them as it goes; I love the sound of the leaves twisting – turning – shaking, it makes the trees ‘sound’ alive, as they respond to the currents of air coursing through them.  I liken the sound to Gods’ breath as He makes Himself apparent to me – calming and refreshing.. 

Some of us, in our hearts, are cool-spirited and untidy!  We have habits, and perhaps sins that keep us from being the beauty that God intended us to be; bogged-down by difficulties and overwhelmed by worries.  We have grown too big for our own good; we affect everyone around us with our careless attitudes and spiteful words; we need to be pruned and cleaned up, and in some instances we need to be cut down and replaced with something completely different.  A warmer heart, a cleaner spirit and beautiful attitude that radiates warmth to attract all that is good and clean, not to destroy. 

Prayer: As difficult as it may be for us sometimes, Lord, may we learn to leave it to You, trusting that we will be guided through whatever difficulties we may have, no matter how big or how small. May we know that no matter how messy things may get, nothing is too big for You to deal with. We give You thanks for when our trials are over, we will be stronger and closer to You. Amen.

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