Come Clean!

Whenever I think of those that I love being unwilling to discuss God and the spiritual realm, without thinking you are speaking of  “ghosties and goblins and long-leggedy beasties” – it really upsets me.  They complain “there’s got to be more to life than this”, while remaining adamant that they want nothing to do with faith and trust in a God unseen!  They remain unwilling to listen and so, I have to reluctantly give up trying to persuade them otherwise; instead, I now pray for them each and every day. 

I recently received the following prayers,  to intercede for them and I hope the original author, will forgive me, as I reproduce them (in part) here for many more to see (I do not know where to find ‘Kenneth’, whose name appears at the top of the photocopied page I was given) otherwise, I would make direct contact.  My hope is that sharing prayers it is not looked upon as a ‘copyright infringement’ (one can never be sure these days).

Unbelievers do not understand that there is a ‘battle royal’ taking place, in the unseen spiritual world,  for control of the hearts, minds and souls of each and every one of us.  Satan rules (for a time) on earth and so, for those that we hope to encourage to accept God and Jesus into their lives,  we need to pray that the powers of everything ungodly are bound, ensuring their freedom from the control of the powers of darkness.

Prayer:  You spirit(s) blinding the eyes of ____________, you stop what you are doing to keep him/her out of the kingdom of God.  In Jesus’ name, you stop NOW.

Then with a Godly request, pray the following:

Prayer:  Lord, send someone to ___________ with the Word of God.  You know who he/she will listen to.  I claim ____________ for the Kingdom of God.  I believe he/she will receive His salvation and deliverance.  In faith I praise You for it.

There is great power in prayer: do not underestimate it –  persevere with your intercession for any unbeliever in your family or social circle, and trust in God that change will happen.

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