The Messenger or the Message?

James 1:22 – But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.  (NJKV)

Our pastor yesterday was targeting ‘temptation’ with his sermon!  It was very relevant actually, because my thoughts had been bouncing every which way; in fact they had been since the service began:  the hymns were slow (and so, were not getting my attention – even though the words were beautiful), I was more mindful of latecomers –  I was also, contemplating where I needed to shop after the service, on and on my thoughts meandered – being totally disobedient, in listening to the message being relayed (and a very good one at that).

So the question leading into the sermon – ‘When are you most vulnerable to sin (to be tempted) – got me thinking? While our Pastors’ objective was to have us focus on the emotional meanderings that can occur when you’re tired, emotionally-drained, hungry or just plain ‘mean-spirited’ – it was apparent to me, that for me, it was obviously my critical-thinking upon arriving at church – was I expecting to be entertained?  No, it’s never that – more that I expect to be uplifted (spiritually) and that wasn’t happening yesterday: nobody’s fault but my own – I allowed temptation into my thinking, thereby a wonderful service ‘fed’ only a part of my being!  I guess, I needed something more (my husband was sick at home and my shopping was for a prescription to help him recover) – in retrospect I now think that (subconsciously) I was expecting more of the messenger, while failing to absorb the messages! 

It’s very easy to be deceived and led astray – our needs can accomplish that with very little effort: taking responsibility for our words and actions as well as, our thoughts, should be a priority! 

We need to constantly refocus and redirect our ‘steps’!

We need to listen to the sermon at church! 

Change that channel, when questionable content, is showing!

Switch off the computer!

Don’t have that extra helping of dessert! Ouch – really?

We need to ‘zip’ our mouths when we (desperately) want to speak ‘our minds’!

Take a walk!

Call a friend!

anything, but let ourselves be tempted by deception, vanity, disobedience……………


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