Keeping My Distance

I’ve made the acquaintance of a dear lady, who is a neighbour in our new community.  She is vibrant, funny, well-educated, world-travelled, and well – VERY independent; so when she recently shared with me that she had slipped in the bath and badly bruised her side (she could walk, but with obvious difficulty) – I was concerned for her.  She has refused all offers of help and I am OK with that, as long as I see her out and about.  I am very independent myself and certainly wouldn’t want to pressure her in any way that I, myself would find intrusive. 

I have been concerned about her, nevertheless,  because in the past few days,  I’ve seen her outside, less and less.  Respecting her privacy, as I hope mine would be observed, I satisfy myself with the reassurance that she is OK, when I see her window blinds open up in the morning – then at least, I know she is up and about and taking care of herself.

I’ll keep close watch, from a distance and be content to be a respectful (but nevertheless vigilant – not nosey)  neighbour.

When I put this all into perspective, I think about God – I guess He does the same with us; He knows we need help and must, at times, desperately want to “jump in” to assist, but we  display very clearly that we can manage, so leave us alone but thank you for your offer to assist.

I am not at all hurt by my neighbours refusal, but God must be saddened by our continual attempts to “go it alone”, and disappointed that we choose to do things our way, without His ever-present help-line being available to us 24/7.  However, thankfully, He’s a good guy and doesn’t get upset with us; He patiently “keeps His distance”, until we realize that, we’re not doing so well, and perhaps could use some of His help after all.  God just wants us to want Him in our lives, just as  I suppose,  I want to be needed in my neighbours life.  I, too, can be patient – but I hope too, that she recovers and is fully able to re-establish her daily routines, quite independently, whatever they might be.

Praising God for Grace and Understanding (Wisdom).

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