Casting a Wider Net!

I read the Daily Bread each morning, and today the subject is “Fishing Where They Ain’t”  – an attention getting sentence that suggests, as Christians,  we should make attempts to spend time helping, not only the Godly-living folk of this world, but also get out of our comfort zone and help the “lost” souls, who otherwise have nobody to care for them.  Suggesting it’s no good “fishing where there ain’t no fish” (doing good with only the saved folk of the world – we need to be “casting our net” (of attention) beyond them ) to share God’s love and kindness to those who have not experienced too much of it in their lives, and who are living lives that compromise them in so many sad or dangerous ways.

The lesson is:  to share God’s love not collect it and store it for ourselves.

Mm..m………Point taken, Abba – where do you want me to start?

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