Refreshed and Filled

Our Feathered Friends

Our Feathered Friends

I have been away for a few days (my husband and were at Point Pelee) and this morning – enjoying morning coffee, looking out onto the bird feeders in the garden – it astonished me because they (the feeders) were completely empty!  Of course, at once I started thinking – ahh, the greedy grackles have been here and have cleaned out all the seed – but then, methinks, it could also have been the squirrels (the grease on the pole had obviously dried out and they could climb it again): so, diligently I refilled the feeders and almost immediately birds flew in again – of course they all had had a part in the emptying – one by one in perfect pecking order. ……..I hadn’t realized they ate so much!  🙂

I was very happy to refill the feeders; what’s the point of having a garden, if it is not visited by birds (preferably the smaller, prettier birds).

How very fortunate we are that we have a diligent Father, taking care of us – refilling us when we are empty!

Prayer:  Let us find joy in all Your creations and care for it on Your behalf, as You would have us do.  Amen


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