Psalm 23

At a particularly crucial time, in my life, I was drawn to this Psalm in a bible!  I was in England and had travelled out of the city to attend a job interview – for an exciting and challenging position working with seniors.  I had time to spare and wanted to calm my nerves and so walked into a church close to where my appointment was to be.  I walked to the front of a small chapel and knelt; picked up a bible and asked God to guide and reassure me – to show me what to read – the bible ‘fell’ open at Psalm 23 and I have loved that particular psalm ever since.

Here is another version that I came across recently – I do hope you like it and are comforted by the words contained therein!

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd (that’s relationship)

I shall not want (that’s supply or provision)

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures (rest)

He leadeth me beside the still waters (refreshment)

He restoreth my soul (healing)

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness (guidance)

For His names’ sake (purpose)

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (testing & trials)

I will fear no evil (protection)

For Thou art with me (faithfulness)

Thy rod and Thy staff comfort me (discipline)

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies (hope)

Thou anointeth my head with oil (consecration)

My cup runneth over (abundance)

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life (blessings)

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever  (security).

May God guide our decisions and our words today and hold us close to His heart!

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The Armour of God

One and Only Creator Lives!

I pray God’s armour and therefore His protection each day, for my husband, my children and their families; for my friends and church family and their loved ones and for myself:  so I can feel assured that each one of us is guarded against the darkness of this world, in which we live. 

It’s easier than we might think, to succumb to a life that is wrong, when we naively trust the people we meet, who convince us that they have our best interests at heart: a safe way to determine if they are trustworthy is to ask if they believe in the One and Only God – a God who cares for each one of us and is forgiving and concerned about us, a God who does not seek retribution or revenge, but only what is good for us.  If they scoff at us and that suggestion – they really are NOT concerned with our well-being.

Even if we are not believers (yet) in God and His Son, Jesus Christ – we can safeguard ourselves (just to be sure) by saying the following – every single day:

Ephesians 6:10-18

I put on the helmet of salvation – please Lord protect my mind – take away impure thoughts, critical thoughts and judgemental thoughts!

I put on the breastplate of righteousness – thankyou, that this covers my heart.  Protect my heart against feelings of anger or resentment or unforgiveness.

I put on the belt of truth.  Lord please expose things that are false.  Help me to live in truth, to speak truth and if need be, to stand for truth!

I put on the shoes of the gospel of peace.  Help me always to be willing to share with others the hope and peace that you have given me within my heart and spirit!

I hold up the sword of the spirit!  The word of truth!  Keep me faithful in reading Your advice in the bible and thank you that the enemy (satan and his spirits of darkness) run when Your Word is spoken!  Let us read it out loud each and every day, if we are in a comfortable place and are able to do this; otherwise let it be in our minds, then at least, we are speaking directly to You.

I hold up the shield of faith.  Thank you that you are my Protector, my Defender and my Friend, please continue to grow my faith and allow all that is good to flourish in my heart and spirit and my life!

Remember that if we truly (really and truly) believe that the one and only God is all-powerful and that Jesus Christ is His one and only Son – crucified – died – buried and rose again for each one of us – then we can be assured that God protects us and will bring us through much!

Keep us faithful in praying!  Amen and Amen!

In God we trust!

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Standing Firm!

Calm amid the Storm

In times of trouble or torment or spiritual attack – or if you need to express yourself but your nearest and dearest refuses to allow you to speak or ‘hear’ you;  STAND FIRM and pray God’s armour upon yourself for protection.


The helmet of salvation – and having been made perfect He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey Him.  Hebrews 5:9

The breastplate of righteousness – He is the source of your life in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and redemption.  1 Corinthians 1:30

The belt of truth – Jesus said, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.  No-one comes to the Father except through Me”.  John 14:6

The shield of faith – Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who inspires and perfects our faith, for the sake of the joy which lay before Him, he endured the cross, heedless of its’ shame.  Hebrews 12:2

The shoes of peace – sharing the news “For He is our peace, He came and proclaimed peace far and near.  Ephesians 2:14-18

The sword of the Spirit (God’s Word) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  Genesis 1:1

Each day, when we put on the full armour of God, we claim His protection in all that we do.  Ephesians 6:11  (daily devotionals)


How Deep the Fathers’ Love for Us

Working through the hurt, the rejection, the (forgive me Lord) anger – I, thankfully have been drawn closer to Abba, who in turn has led me onto calmer ‘waters’.

I have been blessed with having devotionals published on the Presbyterian Church of Canada website  (PCCdaily, also on Devotional Christian; and in so doing I have received messages of encouragement myself – even though my devotionals, I feel, are meant to do that for others (I do hope no pride is sensed here – I’m just saying it as it is) : today, however, there was a beautiful message given to me from a lady I am just beginning to get to know – albeit, through emails – she and her family have dealt with and grown through the pain of a loss, that far outweighs my pain, and yet she has encouraged me.  In reading her message the hymn ‘How Deep the Fathers’ Love for Us’, came strongly to mind, and in listening to it I can see His Love shining and healing any and all pain (physical and emotional).  Perhaps, you need to bask in His love too, so please check the attached link, and I pray you will find soothing comfort too.  (daily devotionals)


Don’t want to feel like Hagar?

The Sun Returns

What is it about dreary, sunless days that sets the mood for gloom?  It is so easy to let attitudes and manners slide and to ‘take on’ a ‘funk’,  refusing to let go of the pity-party blues!  Actually, that is not the only reason for my feeling ‘blue’!  A recent argument left me stinging; hurt and more than a little confused and upset (God knows what it’s all about, so I won’t divulge any of the gory details here – no need to ‘feed’ the ugliness).

Genesis 16 – Hagar was a slave!  She had been bought and her life therefore belonged to her owners!  She had to comply in all ways to their demands, whether she felt like it or not!  Hmm – enslaved – trapped – distressed, could very well be descriptive of her emotions (and from my point of view rightly so).  I feel somewhat that way today, myself – some ugliness from the past erupted into my head a couple of days ago and all my attempts to shake it, had failed and along with the above-mentioned unpleasantness it was magnified – until I read a devotional on the PCC website today – I like to think that, as I had given this awful ‘mood’ to God and asked for His intervention to quell the dark spirits causing my ‘funk’ He had purposely used this gentlemans’ writing to give me a different perspective!   Well, praise God, it has worked – Andrew’s fine example put my ‘suffering’ into a whole new light and has made it seem very inconsequential!  (Daily Devotionals – October 13th).  This, along with the many prayers that my friends have been offering have made the sun shine again, in my spirit.

God knows it all and He is my comfort and my guide, and will help me rise above all that is not of Him and I thank God that He provides a time for comfort and a time for discipline, and if we give everything to Him and choose to please Him and nobody else, I know without any shadow of doubt, that all will be just fine again very soon – then I can stop feeling repressed, as surely, Hagar must have felt.

Let us not forget that unforgiveness will destroy us inside, and so it is critical to understand that we need to forgive and let go:  it doesn’t mean we forget but it frees us to move forward in our lives, knowing that we have done the right thing.

Remember, satan will try anything to keep us from God!

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Thankyou God, for Everything!

This could be a scary thought – depending on what you had thanked God for!  Did you thank Him for everything in your life – or were your thanks limited to one or two blessings for the day?  Made me think about what I had been blessed with and what I had said ‘Thankyou’ for – after all, if I thanked God for shelter and for food, that leaves a whole gambit of things left ‘unthanked’ – so I’d be waking up thirsty and naked with no family or friends, or church family or financial blessings; no sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, good health, energy, strength; no freedoms, no good neighbours – so many things left unspoken or grateful for – I will be more cognisant of all my blessings in future and will certainly be thanking God for so much more, each day – how about you?