Thankyou God, for Everything!

This could be a scary thought – depending on what you had thanked God for!  Did you thank Him for everything in your life – or were your thanks limited to one or two blessings for the day?  Made me think about what I had been blessed with and what I had said ‘Thankyou’ for – after all, if I thanked God for shelter and for food, that leaves a whole gambit of things left ‘unthanked’ – so I’d be waking up thirsty and naked with no family or friends, or church family or financial blessings; no sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, good health, energy, strength; no freedoms, no good neighbours – so many things left unspoken or grateful for – I will be more cognisant of all my blessings in future and will certainly be thanking God for so much more, each day – how about you?


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