Don’t want to feel like Hagar?

The Sun Returns

What is it about dreary, sunless days that sets the mood for gloom?  It is so easy to let attitudes and manners slide and to ‘take on’ a ‘funk’,  refusing to let go of the pity-party blues!  Actually, that is not the only reason for my feeling ‘blue’!  A recent argument left me stinging; hurt and more than a little confused and upset (God knows what it’s all about, so I won’t divulge any of the gory details here – no need to ‘feed’ the ugliness).

Genesis 16 – Hagar was a slave!  She had been bought and her life therefore belonged to her owners!  She had to comply in all ways to their demands, whether she felt like it or not!  Hmm – enslaved – trapped – distressed, could very well be descriptive of her emotions (and from my point of view rightly so).  I feel somewhat that way today, myself – some ugliness from the past erupted into my head a couple of days ago and all my attempts to shake it, had failed and along with the above-mentioned unpleasantness it was magnified – until I read a devotional on the PCC website today – I like to think that, as I had given this awful ‘mood’ to God and asked for His intervention to quell the dark spirits causing my ‘funk’ He had purposely used this gentlemans’ writing to give me a different perspective!   Well, praise God, it has worked – Andrew’s fine example put my ‘suffering’ into a whole new light and has made it seem very inconsequential!  (Daily Devotionals – October 13th).  This, along with the many prayers that my friends have been offering have made the sun shine again, in my spirit.

God knows it all and He is my comfort and my guide, and will help me rise above all that is not of Him and I thank God that He provides a time for comfort and a time for discipline, and if we give everything to Him and choose to please Him and nobody else, I know without any shadow of doubt, that all will be just fine again very soon – then I can stop feeling repressed, as surely, Hagar must have felt.

Let us not forget that unforgiveness will destroy us inside, and so it is critical to understand that we need to forgive and let go:  it doesn’t mean we forget but it frees us to move forward in our lives, knowing that we have done the right thing.

Remember, satan will try anything to keep us from God!

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