How Deep the Fathers’ Love for Us

Working through the hurt, the rejection, the (forgive me Lord) anger – I, thankfully have been drawn closer to Abba, who in turn has led me onto calmer ‘waters’.

I have been blessed with having devotionals published on the Presbyterian Church of Canada website  (PCCdaily, also on Devotional Christian; and in so doing I have received messages of encouragement myself – even though my devotionals, I feel, are meant to do that for others (I do hope no pride is sensed here – I’m just saying it as it is) : today, however, there was a beautiful message given to me from a lady I am just beginning to get to know – albeit, through emails – she and her family have dealt with and grown through the pain of a loss, that far outweighs my pain, and yet she has encouraged me.  In reading her message the hymn ‘How Deep the Fathers’ Love for Us’, came strongly to mind, and in listening to it I can see His Love shining and healing any and all pain (physical and emotional).  Perhaps, you need to bask in His love too, so please check the attached link, and I pray you will find soothing comfort too.  (daily devotionals)



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