STOP What You Are Doing!

I try very hard, most days, to write a devotional.  Lately, I struggle to do this because I have allowed myself to become distracted with other things.

I always pray about the words that God wants me to use before I write, and even though I have done this my mind does not bring a ‘flow of words’ – so I am left to think that God wants me to concentrate on something else!  So I focus on that thought!  Still nothing ‘pops’ into my mind – I put my efforts into housework (which has been sadly neglected since I worked on my novel at the end of last year). 

It feels good to see the house sparkle again – but I still feel I should be doing more of God’s (word) work. 

I need to be content that I can do all that I can do!  I need to be (and am) thankful, for all that I have – my husband, my family, my friends, my home and so much more!

Perhaps I have neglected to give thanks; perhaps that is why God is not giving me words to share – I really don’t know – so I will be content with what I am, what I have, what I am becoming and wait for Him to give me the next right step to follow.

Maybe He wants me to ‘let go’ of thinking about what I want in my life and be content ‘in the moment’ and with what I have.

So, I am trying to STOP wasting time and allowing distractions to ‘swallow’ the precious minutes of my day and I take a deep breath – then ask God to show me what it is He wants of me.

Prayer:  Abba Father, thankyou that you stop us ‘in our tracks’ and get our attention, when we are likely wasting precious time on unimportant stuff!  Please give us purpose and direction, then let us know the next right step that you want us to take.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

May Jesus hold you close in His embrace today and evermore!


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