The Unknown

Hurricane Sandy continues to barrel through the Atlantic states as well as Ontario and Quebec.  The storm has not yet released its’ grip: rain continues to fall and cloud shrouds the sun – hiding it from view. 

We were told to be prepared for the unknown, and media bombarded us with advice on safety and emergency preparedness.  There had not been a storm of this magnitude nor ‘makeup’ in recorded history.  So we ensured ample stocks of drinking water, food, candles, torches and an emergency radio.  Better be safe than sorry, right?

We prayed that God would protect us from dire effects of the oncoming hurricane.  Asked Him to place a hedge of protection around our loved ones, on their homes and work as well as ourselves.  Light faded and we waited for the destructive winds to begin and the rain to fall. 

We live in a modular home and held our breath and prayed we and our home would survive the mega storm.  We all did!  Not only that – the storm barely touched this area, which to us was unbelievable, given the dire reports being issued.  God truly came through for us.

When we reach the point of leaving this earth – as by death –  we need to be similarly prepared for the unknown that awaits us.  We cannot see faith, or God or Jesus, but we believe and pray earnestly as we trust in the promises of the Bible.  Just as we believed the media reports and advice, and responded to the emergency preparedness plans for our physical survival, we should be paying equal attention to what the Bible advises for our (spiritual) survival and follow the preparedness plans found within its pages. 

Meanwhile, I pray for those whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  We can’t always understand the why’s when disaster or tragedy happens to us – but I know from experience that it is imperative to not give up on God.  I have been rescued many times from big and small calamities as I trusted God to bring me to a better place. It was not always an easy journey, but it has definitely been a fruitful one: as little by little, God has helped me retrace my steps and has rescued me from the deep unknowns I found myself in.

Hang in there!  Don’t give up on God!



Wanted! Expansion!

Many folk swear by the power of the Prayer of Jabez; proclaiming how it has changed their lives.  Little wonder.  After all, they are asking for their lives to be radically made-over…….made bigger……perhaps, better!  We have no way of knowing how or what will be affected in our lives, once we commit to praying this little prayer – but be certain of one thing – your life will change!

“Oh that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may cause no pain’.  (1 Chronicles 4:10)

So asking to have increase in one’s life; we should also remember that this might not bring what we have in mind!  It might not just be more of what we already have!  It could thrust us into uncomfortable places, situations or decisions, thus – we need to also be sure to ask God to stay with us – to keep His hand upon us and so be directed away from any wrongdoings, that might bring dishonor or deep concern to family and friends, as well as self.

Prayer:  Abba – take captive, our actions and our words to edify and enrich hearts that need You.  Let Your blessings be used honorable ways and may we be truly thankful for the small as well as big blessings.  Amen.

Pray for our Children

This is a repeat of my posting on and – because I am incensed that our children are being brain-washed by social, media and fashion expectations AND – exploitation.  Perhaps this program was especially biased and our children are not being desensitized as deeply as the program suggested – but from what I saw and heard our children need prayer.  I don’t apologise – I am too upset and we need to be more aware of what is happening to our young.

A recent program on Doc Zone covered how media and fashions trends are affecting our children and youth. They called it ‘the sexualization of our children’ and it was not a pretty picture.

Fashion for children – girls in particular – has been dressing them, more and more, in miniature editions of adult clothing – portraying a tiny woman and not a child. This has affected their thinking and eventually their actions and emotions, that are devoid of what is good and truly respectful. They do not respect themselves; boys respect girls even less, especially if denied physical satisfaction……on and on the program covered (too bad the girls clothing didn’t too) how fashion, media and magazines and models, as well as entertainment ‘idols’ emit the idea that exploiting a child to be sexually attractive is what life is all about. Nothing else matters! WRONG!

I share this for all the children and youth that might be exposed to this Christian website …… please know that you are a child and a child should NOT be expected to be a small adult! You are meant to have fun – good clean childlike fun and not be an enticing piece of flesh for somebody elses pleasure.  That is not what life is all about!

I was sickened by what I heard on this program – children are being used in the most sickening ways and are losing respect for themselves and for each other. What kind of society is this going to produce a few years hence?

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 tells us a different story of what regard for self and others is all about…….

Love makes you patient and kind

Love is not jealous, love does not brag

Is not proud, love is not rude nor selfish

Love does not become angry

Love does not remember things you have done wrong

Love does not like people who tell lies, only truth

Love patiently accepts and trusts

Love always hopes and always remains strong.

True love never ends but grows stronger each day. (ICV)

It is NOT about selling yourself for the pleasure of others, but all about loving who and what you are, and treating others as you want to be treated.

Prayer: God help us in all our ways and let us be guided along a true and righteous path, knowing that this will produce good results. Amen!

The Comfort of Psalm 23

In times of trouble or despair, or when you have a need for reassurance – in the form of a spiritual ‘hug’, look no further than Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd (relationship)

I shall not want (supply)

He makes me to lie down in green pastures (rest)

He leads me beside the still waters (refreshment)

He restores my soul (healing)

For His names’ sake ((purpose)

Yea, though I walk through the valley – of the shadow of death (testing)

I will fear no evil (protection)

For You are with me (faithfulness)

Your rod and Your staff comfort me (discipline)

You prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies (hope)

You anoint my head with oil (consecration)

My cup runs over (abundance)

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life (blessing)

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  (security)

Prayer:  We may not always know the right way to live, or how to make right choices, but in these times lead us to Your Word and to the comfort we can find in Psalm 23. (Live One Day at a Time)

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving again, and my prayer is that God blesses each of you abundantly, providing for all your needs.

Psalm 100:4-5 ….. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name, For the Lord is good…… (NKJV)