Bless This Day, Lord

Today, the brutally cold grip of winter has eased. Just a little, but enough to give hope of warmer days ahead.

It reminds me that sinful ways, are equally unrelenting in the vice-like grip that they hold over our lives. Despair grows, and each day brings no relief; just more pain. Then, we are introduced to the love of God. We hear about Jesus and the sacrifice He made for each one of us willing to listen and to be brave enough to change our ways.

Gradually, as the truth of God’s Word (the Bible) is uncovered life becomes more tolerable. Just a little, day-by-day, until there is a break-through. The day arrives when we feel lighter, brighter and safer. We realize that life truly is worth living, and we eagerly absorb the comfort it brings.

Our spirits begin to soar. We want to sing out loud, but all that can be heard is our heart saying “Thank you, Lord.”

The dark days slowly slide behind us and each new day becomes an opportunity to grow, and be grateful for every single moment. To never give up.

Lord God, we thank you for all that You show to us, as we choose to allow You to change our ways. Please bless us bless this day, and guide us according to Your will. Amen.

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