The Unknown

Hurricane Sandy continues to barrel through the Atlantic states as well as Ontario and Quebec.  The storm has not yet released its’ grip: rain continues to fall and cloud shrouds the sun – hiding it from view. 

We were told to be prepared for the unknown, and media bombarded us with advice on safety and emergency preparedness.  There had not been a storm of this magnitude nor ‘makeup’ in recorded history.  So we ensured ample stocks of drinking water, food, candles, torches and an emergency radio.  Better be safe than sorry, right?

We prayed that God would protect us from dire effects of the oncoming hurricane.  Asked Him to place a hedge of protection around our loved ones, on their homes and work as well as ourselves.  Light faded and we waited for the destructive winds to begin and the rain to fall. 

We live in a modular home and held our breath and prayed we and our home would survive the mega storm.  We all did!  Not only that – the storm barely touched this area, which to us was unbelievable, given the dire reports being issued.  God truly came through for us.

When we reach the point of leaving this earth – as by death –  we need to be similarly prepared for the unknown that awaits us.  We cannot see faith, or God or Jesus, but we believe and pray earnestly as we trust in the promises of the Bible.  Just as we believed the media reports and advice, and responded to the emergency preparedness plans for our physical survival, we should be paying equal attention to what the Bible advises for our (spiritual) survival and follow the preparedness plans found within its pages. 

Meanwhile, I pray for those whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  We can’t always understand the why’s when disaster or tragedy happens to us – but I know from experience that it is imperative to not give up on God.  I have been rescued many times from big and small calamities as I trusted God to bring me to a better place. It was not always an easy journey, but it has definitely been a fruitful one: as little by little, God has helped me retrace my steps and has rescued me from the deep unknowns I found myself in.

Hang in there!  Don’t give up on God!